What is ‘mindset’ and what does it do?

Stairing at the Piggy-bank doen’t ad money to it

Mindset is a word for the way we think and act accordingly

Your mind is always working for you. It controls your body, consciously and unconsciously, and always tries to find solutions for situations that you encounter every day.
The mind ALWAYS, unconsciously, tries to protect you from disaster and sometimes goes a bit too far in this.
It will always try to find the easiest way to achieve a certain result.
Not always handy if you want to try something new. It will always choose to go the ‘old’ familiar way.

To ignore this, there is a rule that you can apply.
The so-called 5 seconds rule.
It has been scientifically established that your brain, your mindset, needs about 5 seconds to brush away your ‘new idea. Actually convince you that everything must stay the same.
Fortunately we also have influence, and if we are steadfast. We manage our mindset in such a way that we do what we want. Not what our mind dictates to us we can override this 5 second rule.

Adjust and improve

So if we want to change and do new things, we will have to adjust our mindset.
Matters such as inherited norms and values, most are excellent, have to be adapted to ourselves. Adjusted to the current time.
Statements such as “money stinks”, that many of us have received from home, will have to change to: “Money is going to work for me” . Money is certainly Happy “as can be read on a previous blog post Money does make Happy.

YESSS, we did It!

Well how we get into a state of mind that we want is a very different story. We have to “force” ourselves not to walk the prescribed route. Think outside the box and to get ourselves into that mindset through repetition.
By applying ‘visualization’ of what we want, or where we want to go, we can create an image that we can conjure up in our minds repeatedly. In this way, by repeating this daily we can get into the right mindset to actually achieve the visualized.
There is a study that says that, when we repeat a pattern of thinking for 30 to 40 days, a “Habit” is created in our subconscious mind.

Change a bad Habit into a Good one

To start creating a habit, we must of course know what that habit should be.
Our subconscious can actually be compared to a farmer’s field. It only produces what is sown. If you sow corn, corn will be harvested. Sow your grain, grain will be harvested. But ….if you sow weeds, weeds are harvested and you don’t want that, do you?
So we will have to pay attention to what we want to make a habit of and not plant a wrong seedling.
To make a good choice, it is useful to first make a list of things that are eligible to become a (good) habit. Then start working on the new mindset.

In the subconscious mind, when the list is made, we will have to make way for those new habits. Very simply, we first remove some old, wrong ones and fill these places with new, good habits.
We put things we would rather not do (automatically) in the garbage to make room for what we do want.
Something like spring cleaning. Discard what you no longer use and start completely fresh.

Let’s get started

Let’s start by drawing up an action plan. On the webpage “The Plan” on our website you will find various tips for drawing up such a plan. Take a look and take advantage of it. Maybe it will save you a lot of time to get things done. It gives you a good basis to start the journey to a better future. If you follow the step-by-step plan on the website you will get there. By drawing up and implementing the plan you can follow the road to your desired future yourself. This is a personal plan for everyone because no two people are or think the same. Everyone is unique in his / her own way.
We can give you a guideline, but we cannot prepare a personal plan for you. You really have to do that yourself

Take all the time you need for this. It is a first, but also very important step in your journey to a better future. Really sit down and make sure you put all your wishes on paper. So that you can read them back to keep the “Dream” that you have ‘alive’.
It doesn’t matter if the plan is ready in 1 day, 5 days, 2 weeks or a month. As long as it is YOUR plan and the picture you have of YOUR future is clear.
On the basis of this drawn up plan you can plan YOUR trip. Take steps that are necessary to realize all these wishes.

There is more …

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Let’s do this Together

CÝa soon …

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