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What is MINDSET.

Mindset is the way You see the world around You. All events happening in “Your world” can be viewed from different angles. A blessing for the one can be a curse for another.

The way we see the world makes us react in different ways. Let me give You an example: On a nearby field a music festival is organized. The younger among us are fired up to go to the event, but many older people who are living in the area see nothing but trouble.

Young see a great opportunity to have a wonderful evening, enjoining the music, be with friends, dancing and having the night of their life.

Older see lot’s of extra traffic, noise all evening long, drunken people, garbage in the Streets and nothing but trouble.

It’s just the way you look at it, that makes you experiance go good or bad.

Changing Your mindset will open doors You can’t imagine right now. It can change Your view for the better so You can see a problem becoming a asset to Your journey reaching Your goal(s). It can be the eye-opener You’ve been searching for all You’re life.

In my idea the best way to grasp the subject is to watch the seminar “Born Rich” recorded a few decades ago by Bob Proctor & John Kanary. This Canadian man explains the connection between the conscious- and the sub-conscious mind in a way we all understand it. It also provide information how we can delete old habits and replace them with new, better ones.

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