Don’t prepare the Road Ahead

Don’t prepare the Road Ahead

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Prepare Youself for the Road Ahead

Today, in a program with the theme “Raising children”, I heard a professor propose the following quote:“Don’t prepair the Road for the Child, prepair the Child for the road.”

It impressed me and I tried to embrace the idea and find an application for me and all other adults. I think the title, and subtitle, of this blog say enough.
I have succeeded in making a link between this quote and what I am aiming to achieve with these blogs and the page I am promoting.
You cannot change the world, and therefore the way you still have to go. It is there and you will have to be prepared as well as possible to go as smoothly as possible.

By participating in our Step-by-step plan which you will, after subsciption recieve in your mailbox, you can prepare yourself together with us for a bright future. We make suggestions as to what matters and think we can offer you a way of thinking that can give the road that lies ahead a better turn.
We think we can help you develop a way of thinking that will help you realize the future you want.

The road ahead

Nobody knows what the road has in store for us. But you can always prepare for setbacks. We can develop a mindset that makes us strong and resilient to setbacks.
It can change our attitude and make us a strong person who will confidently overcome every bump and turn an adversity into an advantage.

Nobody knows what the future will look like

There are so many factors that determine what the future will look like. How the road is / will be before us. It is actually an uncertain future that we are entering, but we can prepare ourselves.
We can take steps that can be applied to various issues.
We can adjust our way of thinking so that we can view possible setbacks with a different perspective and then tackle them with a different approach.

The good news is that we are not alone and that we can therefore make a joint plan to manage and enforce our (great) future ourselves.
We can imagine a future ourselves and realize it in collaboration with the Law of Attraction. In an earlier blog I tell you more about this Universal Law that is just as real as the Law of Gravity.
You cannot see It, but It’s indeed there.

A step-by-step plan has been drawn up on our website to give you guidance on how to act if you want to create a better, self-regulated future for yourself.
It tells you in which order, which steps to take to ensure a certain, good outcome.
I have been using this way of life for years and have to say that it has done me no harm so far.

If you stop wishing and start wanting, you will see that you can achieve much more. Wishing is waiting for something that another or different strength will give you.
Wanting is against that sort of expectation that it will happen. A kind of coercion without harming anything or anyone.

So … Get off the couch and take action.

It is easy. You don’t even have to leave the house. Because you are reading this blog I presume that you have an internet connection and so you can also go to my page and, after you have orientated, can make the decision to participate and take advantage of our suggestions and instructions.
Visualize your future, nothing is impossible. Make a Plan and set up (extra) income to finance your goal (s).
If you want this information in your mailbox, register HERE.

If you tackle this properly and follow the advice you can live as you want over the foreseeable future.
Take all steps seriously, do not skip one step and believe in your dream (s).
All this with passion and conviction.
If you don’t believe in it yourself, why would someone else do it?
You will probably receive a lot of negative feedback, but assume that those people have not (yet) become acquainted with the Law of Attraction.
They do not know, or do not want to know, that such a thing exists and will always remain trapped in their, sorry for the word but narrow-minded way of thinking.

Make something of your life and don’t get stuck in old habits. Try to think out of the box and make a decision that can get you excited.
Come on! Let’s go for it and also improve your future.
If it doesn’t work then it doesn’t hurt but I am convinced that you will later say: “Good that I made that decision then” and thank you for the tip and great suggestions Bert.

C”Ya soon . . .


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