Corona Virus Then and Now

Corona Virus Then and Now

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A world of difference

Tequila flavored beer

The difference between the meaning of this statement cannot be greater.
First it was a name for someone who loved a tequila flavored beer and now it is the deadly COVID-19 virus that is spread worldwide.

Virus protection

In this time it is very common to make a trip for vacation or business.
This global traffic offers the virus an excellent base for spreading. If you are in a plane for hours at a time with 100 to 500 others, despite all the extensive checks at the airports worldwide, a carrier of the virus sometimes slips through.

Schiphol Airport The Netherlands

It is just a few weeks ago that almost nobody had heard of this virus, but now it is spread worldwide. Now there are several cruise ships standing still because passengers are not allowed to disembark. They must first observe a quarantine period of 14 days. There are even ships that are still at sea and are not admitted to a port.

Prevention is better than cure. . .

It is probably unnecessary to say that it is important to protect yourself as well as possible. By guaranteeing good hygiene you can prevent a lot of misery.
You don’t have to be anxious but “prevention is better than cure”

I myself am happy that I have been able to create a home based income situation so that I do not have to travel in crowded buses, trams and trains to go to work during peak hours. I can arrange everything that is needed from my home office.

Without the threat of the corona virus, I don’t like having to be in busy circumstances, but now it’s a real no-no.
I want to stay away from the masses and make sure I don’t get in touch with people I don’t know.
This is possible because I have followed the step-by-step plan, as described on my website, and can generate an income through the internet in this way. From my safe home office.

Rush Hour

Try to avoid the negative

But let’s not be too negative. There is also a good side to the outbreak of this Pandemic. It has brought together people who had never spoken before and had them work together to find a solution. It has caused cultures with different views to put aside their differences in order to work ‘together’ to find solutions so they can tackle this problem.

I understand that there are people who cannot see the good. The people affected by the virus and the relatives of infected and deceased patients. In their emotion they only see evil in this Pandemic.
I, and many with me, understand that.
You will only be a victim. Your whole life is turned upside down in one go.

My personal view of disasters and wars

Of course what I am about to write is very personal In my view, we do not differ that much from the animal world around us. We always look for a suitable solution in an emergency.
But. . .
If there are too many of the same species in one place in the animal world, there is always a situation that reduces the number. A fight (war) arises or suddenly there is an illness (virus).
In any case, something happens that reduces the number and that the strong have a greater chance of surviving.

The Change

After such a trauma there is always an atmosphere called fraternization and the remaining ones work together to create as good a situation as possible.
Building a country that has been bombed.
Repairing a broken economy.
Re-launch trade.
Restore schools and hospitals.
etc, etc.


No means are shunned to get assistance started as quickly as possible and to rebuild a country. With united forces we go to work to restore suffering and destruction.

emergency hospital

In my opinion, it is the Cosmic Force discussed earlier that brings us all together and ensures that we can work together in a great way in situations like this. Despite the differences we have.
Read about this in an earlier blog I published.

Prepair to beat the next one

We cannot prevent disasters, but we can try to deal with them as well as possible.
We can try to prepare ourselves for the next “nasty” situation by thinking ahead and taking measures.
It will not always be sufficient but we have at least tried to avert the evil, tried to limit the damage.


In earthquake zones, buildings are built in a way that they can withstand the shocks to come. Indicators are placed against the wall of a volcano to be able to predict a possible eruption so that the population living in the neighborhood can evacuate. Severe storms and twisters are predicted by meteorologists based on computer models prepared with information from satellite images.

Near my hometown

An example close to where I live;
The storm surge barrier at Hoek van Holland, the Netherlands.
We live in a delta area that is around 10 ft below sea level and pumping stations keep “our feet” dry. But if a storm is predicted together with high water, these pumps cannot handle it.
The storm surge barrier will be closed to ensure that the hinterland remains dry.

Hoek van Holland NL

This river cannot be permanently closed due to shipping traffic to- and from the port of Rotterdam. Ships must be able to sail in and out to keep the economy going and to keep many customers in Europe happy.

For consideration

In this blog I wanted to tell how I see the problems that are now in the world. Maybe not your opinion, but that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. I just wanted to give you a look at how I am looking at the current global situation.
If you want to know more, please visit my website and leave a message how you think about it. Thank you for your attention and until …

C’Ya soon . . .


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