A Better Life means extra time for Vacation

A Better Life means extra time for Vacation

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Let’s have some Fun!

Because we have more time to spend when we have created a better life, we can go on holiday more often. Long or short, it doesn’t matter. A break from the routine means peace and / or relaxation for most of us. By doing something other than what we normally do, we give our body and brain the, necessary, break that it occasionally needs to recover.

Different people mean different wishes.
There are people who like to visit a ‘big’ city while others prefer to go camping in the forest.
What architecture is for one is, for example, climbing a high mountain for another.
Sun, sea and beach can be a great holiday but also a safari.
Everyone is different and decides for himself what he or she likes.

In my country, the Netherlands, our capital Amsterdam is very popular with foreign tourists.
They like to visit our Rijksmuseum and the Van Goch museum, but also like to take a

Then there is the “Red Light District” at “De Wallen”.

If you are in the Netherlands, it might be an idea to visit the “De Efteling” theme park. You can buy a day ticket here, but you can also spend the night in a cottage or the Efteling hotel. This originally ‘fairy tale park’ is one of the highlights in the last half century. Almost every Dutch person has been there once.

Aanbiedingen Overnachten

Make time for a Break! It will do you good.

If you are constantly working, your productivity will decrease. This means that it is better to take a break and recharge the energy level of your internal battery. When you return, it means that you look at things with a fresh look and find solutions that you didn’t see before your holiday more easily.

Take a moment to slow down and recharge the internal battery


It doesn’t have to be a long break, but you have to get away from it. Do not stay at home during your break, but look for a different environment.
It doesn’t have to be far away but you have to get out of the daily routine.
Grab a hotel and go with your partner (if there is one) have a nice dinner in a strange city. Treat yourself. You deserve it.

Or …. grab your tent and go with a good friend to a quiet place to, after setting up the tent, grab your fishing rod (s) to sit for hours on the waterfront and catch some fish.
In the evening, bake and eat the caught loot at a home-made campfire.
Add a bottle of beer and enjoy!

Detach yourself from the treadmill called work.

It is nice to have a job, but every now and then you need to be able to free yourself from stressful situations to refuel, The rest that your body and mind needs is not found by being busy with your work every day and the problems at home.
It is good to go out and see the world from a different perspective.
Gain good ideas and give your creativity freedom,


Take some time off, whether or not with your loved one (s) to go out and relax.

What did you say? No money . . .
There is a possibility for everyone to insert a (short) holiday in any way whatsoever.
In our program to create a better life, we discuss various options for generating (extra) money by participating in activities on the internet, even without initial investment.
I have heard many people say “I don’t have the money to go on vacation” but they spend $ 20 or more on smoking articles every week, for example.
Well I’m not anti = smoking but you could cut it in half and save a sum of $ 120 a year after that. That, if you take a smart approach, it can ensure that you can arrange a small, well-known, outing.

Read about the way to save money.

There is a great book that tells how to save money. In “The Richest man in Babylon” the writer, George Samuel Clason tells us the story about the riches in ancient Babylon and how he became a rich trader from a poor workman.
It is not without a struggle but if you really want it, it is possible for everyone to achieve the same result. You’ll find the Dutch translation on our Library-Page.

If you want to see the complete story, as I tell you, you can take a look at my website or sign up to receive the Step-by-step plan, a series of 6 emails, in your inbox. Completely FREE and without obligations.

But let’s not stray

At the Lake

Whether it is a week of rest at the lake or a flight to a tropical destination, it is always good for us to take a timeout to go out. A change of environment does a person good.

Car vacation

Even a car vacation can be an addition and an enrichment to your life. If you like to drive and you own a car, the choice is quickly made.
Take a week off, pack up and get out!
Relax and have some quality moments with the family.
Create memories that can be heartily laughed about later when you get home. Experience strange moments that later were not at all as strange when you look back on them.

Having a great holiday together is worth gold. It is a lasting memory of a great time. No one can ever take it away from you, even though things are going so badly, it will always be your memory.
I am not saying that it goes less after a vacation, on the contrary even, but suppose that, then there is always the memory.

There is a destination for everyone …

There is a suitable holiday for everyone.


This pole is in the Dutch language but you probably understand where I want to go. There is a vacation that fits YOU. There are so many different types of vacations that it is impossible to discuss them all, so I will not. You know the best what you want and by typing in some keywords in Google you will quickly come to pages that can provide more clarity about your dream vacation.

Eifeltower Paris

Whether you want to see the Eiffel Tower or Lady Liberty it is all possible in the new Lifestyle that I discuss on my website.

Lady Liberty New York
Tour by Motorhome
See the Notherlight
Go Fishing

It does not matter what you will do if you just get out of it. From the routine of the day and from the environment where you actually stay day in, day out.

Are you already warming up? Are you already thinking about your next vacation? Make plans and think about it well in advance. It is said that the anticipation is just as beautiful as the holiday itself.


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